RF Distribution Systems

Custom design and manufacturing of RF Switching as well as complete RF Distribution Systems is a considerable part of our business. The following are only examples of some of the systems which MU-DEL manufactures. Our systems can be configured with as many as 128 inputs by 128 outputs to operate in the frequency range of DC – 18 GHz. Please consult the factory with your design requirements since custom manufacturing is our specialty.

The MU-DEL RF Distribution and Switch Matrix Systems are designed to route signals from a group of Inputs to a Group of Outputs. These Signals can be used in Automatic Test, RF & Microwave, Communications and any other signals that need to be distributed within complete Test Signal Injection as an option. These Switch Distribution Systems can be blocking, where any Input can be switched to any one of the Outputs, or a Non-Blocking Distribution System where any Input can be switched to any or all of the Outputs (Full Fan Out).

The desired signal paths are programmed by an external controller utilizing the rear panel interface. The MU-DEL design can support communications protocols such as RS-232, RS-422, IP (Ethernet) or any other customer specified interface. A front panel keypad and display can be provided for local control. Other simple controls, such as Front panel multi-colored LED’s for each Input and Output channel to indicate the Input/Output Signal path can also be provided. The color of the LED would be indicative of RF Input and Output Connections.

These Switch Systems can be provided in frequency ranges from 0.001 MHz to 40.0 GHz with either a single band of frequencies or multiple bands of frequencies with any combination of Input and Output connections. Automatic signal overload protection, lightning protection, tunable filtering, commutation schemes and limiters are available to protect the front end of the unit from nearby lightning strikes or strong RF signals. An exceptional dynamic range provides optimum performance over a wide range of input signal levels and allows signals to be recovered from the noise floor. Our state-of-the-art designs provide extremely high 3rd Order (IP3) and 2nd Order (IP2) Intercept points. The units design provides excellent Output-to-Output and Input-to-Output Isolation. An optional commutation function that provides time division switching of the inputs to a single receiver output channel is also available on these systems.

Featured RF Distribution Systems

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V/UHF RF Distribution System 

Frequency Range 30 to 3000 MHz

32 x 32 Broad-Band Switch Matrix 
Mu-Del VHF S-Band 6 x 10 Non-Blocking Switch Matrix 
Mu-Del VHF S-Band 10 x 10 Non-Blocking Switch Matrix