Quality Control Inspector

Job Description:

QC Incoming Inspectors are responsible for the assurance of quality in the products Mu-Del Electronics buys. An Inspector reviews the requirements and inspects the product. The QC Inspector utilizes logs throughout receiving and inspection for all incoming inspections from suppliers and also maintains the Material Deficiency Reports for defective material.

QC Inspectors are knowledgeable of Mu-Del Electronics' product line and they have general knowledge of various commodities. They work closely with Manufacturing, Engineering and Materials personnel, to communicate Mu-Del Electronics' quality standards and provide guidelines for continuous improvement of our products, services and purchased material. QC Inspectors are cognizant of job requirements and schedule goals working with other departments to achieve the highest level of quality, on time and at the lowest possible cost.

The job environment for an Inspector is an ESD lab environment. A QC Inspector is expected to work in various areas including the receiving dock, the stockroom and the assembly/test areas.

Work Hours:

M-F as coordinated and approved with Department Manager and Human Resources. Overtime and weekends as needed.

Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Review drawings, specifications, specific instructions etc. for all material requirements. Inspect incoming material to these requirements.
  • Ensure all incoming material is properly identified with an EM part number (if applicable), supplier’s part number (if applicable), manufacturer’s part number, Mu-Del Electronics' Receiving Inspection Log (RIL) number, and complete the appropriate inspection log form.
  • Generate an MDR (Material Deficiency Report) for all discrepant material.
  • Chair MRB, Material Review Board, either through formal meeting or “walk-around”. Follow-up on all MRB action(s) required in a timely manner.
  • Quarantine material found to be discrepant including the stockroom, assembly and installed on assemblies.
  • Generates effective communications, good relations, and a positive image with suppliers, customers and coworkers, promoting courtesy, objectivity and fairness.
  • Maintains receiving inspection activity reports daily and provides copies as requested.
  • Maintains calibration records and schedules equipment calibration with Engineering, Test and Manufacturing personnel.

Skills Required

  • The ability to use various inspection tools including: calipers, gauges, ohmmeters, microscope, etc.
  • The ability to read manufacturers specifications and assembly drawings is required.
  • Requires the ability to sit at a microscope for long periods of time.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office suite.

Education / Experience Required:

  • High school deiploma or GED and a degree (Associates or Bachelors) in business, engineering, or accounting is desirable but not required.
  • 5+ years experience as a Quality Control Inspector or related expertise.