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Mu-Del Electronics Announces Family of Commercial Frequency Converters 

Manassas Virginia, USA April 4th, 2017 – Mu-Del Electronics LLC, a leading manufacturer of high performance RF and Microwave based systems, is proud to announce another milestone in the history of the company with the introduction of Commercial versions of our military grade Frequency Converters.“I am pleased to inform our customers that we are offering them a Commercial version of our high-performance military grade Frequency Converters. 

This will enable our clients to use this more cost effective solution in their development labs and then quickly deploy our military grade units with minimal risk”, said Jim Guinaw, Vice President of Business Development and Programs. “Consistent with the company’s established business practice, Mu-Del can modify this product platforms to meet our client’s unique specific need.”, said Jim.

 “We are extremely proud of our team and their efforts to provide this solution for a new product platform that gives us flexibility to meet our customer’s requirements at a lower cost than our military grade equipment”, says Sami Antrazi, General Manager. “This will provide our clients the ability to use this product within SatCom Base Stations or their labs at a lower cost but still maintain the product’s flexibility and excellent overall performance.” 

About Mu-Del Electronics LLC

MU-DEL Electronics was founded in 1967 to design, develop and manufacture high quality RF & Microwave products to meet our customer’s requirements in the frequency range of DC-40 GHz. 

Mu-Del Electronics’ products are used by hundreds of companies globally. They are integral to complex systems that are used in research and development, enhances global communication and various military applications. With extensive experience our engineering staff is always available to discuss our client’s custom requirements. 

Mu-Del Electronics provides a family of products that cover Multicouplers, Frequency Converters, Switch Matrixes, Antennas, Pre Amplifiers and RF Distribution systems. Mu-Del also offer custom solutions to our client’s requirements that are not covered in our standard product families.

Mu-Del’s products have the reputation for versatility and reliability in the telemetry, communications, surveillance, radar, cellular networks and CATV fields. 

Press Contact 

Jim Guinaw 

Phone: (703) 368-8900 x 125