Mu-Del Frequency Converters 

Since our inception in the late 1960’s, MU-DEL has designed and manufactured a Broad Array of Standard as well as Unique application Frequency Converters. Our Converters are world famous for their specifications as well as their great reliability to perform under many environmental conditions. For your special application, please contact the factory, as we provide many options to customize these Frequency Converters that start from baseband to 40 GHz.

*DC = Down Converter | *UC = Up Converter

MU-DEL Frequency Converters are a reliable means for the conversion of Telemetry, Satellite, Terrestrial Communications, Meteorological, Radar, VSAT and other signals from one band to another. Conversions may be from higher to lower frequencies (Down Converters), lower to higher frequencies (Up Converters) or Frequency Translators, depending on the requirement of the system where the converters will operate. MU-DEL’s Frequency Converters will operate in the Frequency Range from baseband to 40 GHz.

System noise contribution is minimal and signal handling capabilities are intact as MU-DEL uses Single, Double or Triple Conversion Techniques to insure excellent performance. The Converters accept input signals in frequency ranges specified by the user. In frequency agile units, the exact Input or Output frequency is selectable by Front Panel Controls or through a Rear Panel Interface. MU-DEL’s standard interfaces are RS-232, RS-422, and IP (Ethernet). Special customer interfaces can also be provided. All units provide Output Frequencies as required by the user, suitable to drive a receiver or similar load. Manual or automatic gain control can be provided.

MU-DEL custom manufactures each Converter individually and can accommodate most desired features. The design and production of MU-DEL Converters is based on long experience utilizing the latest developments in component techniques. Therefore, MU-DEL is able to provide the best performance and highest reliability possible. MU-DEL will closely work with you to arrive at the optimum converter configuration.

Following are some of the MU-DEL features for the Frequency Converters

  • Fixed Tune or Frequency Agile Converters
  • Tuning steps as low as 0.1 Hz
  • Phase Locked Loop, Single or Multiple Conversion
  • Wideband or Narrowband Conversion
  • State-of-the-Art Noise Figure
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Muting
  • Fully Self-Contained
  • Front Panel Indicators, Displays, Keypads
  • External or Internal Frequency Reference
  • Frequency Monitoring
  • Loop Back
  • Custom Input Filtering
  • Safety and Alarm Provisions
  • Various Mechanical Configurations
  • Rack Mount or Weather Proof Enclosures
  • High Intercept Points



3 Band Ka Up Converter

RF Input Frequency: 950 to 2,150 MHz 



S-Band Synthesized Up Converter


X-Band Synthesized Up Converter

RF Output Frequency: 8,000 to 8,500 MHz plus Data



C-Band Synthesized Down Converter

RF Input Frequency: 3,675 to 4,225 MHz plus Data



Dual Channel X-Band Synthesized Down Converter 

RF Input Frequency: 8,000 to 8,400 MHz plus Data



X-Band Block Down Converter

RF Input Frequency: 8,000 to 8,500 MHz



Mu-Del Weatherproof C-Band Dual Channel Block DownConverter

Input Frequency 1,415 – 2,400 MHz (S Band)4,400 – 5,150 MHz (C Band)



Three Channel S-Band Up/Down Converter 

RF Input Frequency 2025 to 2500 MHz tunable in 100 Hz steps